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Contact Us
Contact Us

Suzhou Since Gas System CO.,LTD

Tel: 0086-512-66206028

Fax: 0086-512-66206038

Email: nicky@since-china.com 

Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, 215153.



Since Since Gas founded in 2004, we have continued to create the impressive performance, has won the huge praise in gas feild with our hard working and efforts.




CE Certificate



TS Certificate



 China Marine CCS


  USA Marine ABS


  Frech Marine BV


  UK Marine LR


Adsorption Tank Patent


Liquid Ammonia Generator Patent


Small Ammonia Cracking Furnace Tube Patent 


Large Ammonia Cracking Furnace Tube Patent 


Ammonia Cracking Furnace Patent


CMS Snowstorm Filling Patent


Tornadic Beehive Flowsheet Patent


Ellipsoidal Head Adsorption Tank Patent


Atmosphere Purification& Circulation for Bell Type Annealing Furnace


Atmosphere Purification&      Hi-tech Enterprise Award              Made-in-China SGS Certificate

Circulation Technics for 

Bell Type Annealing Furnace


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