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Contact Us
Contact Us

Suzhou Since Gas System CO.,LTD

Tel: 0086-512-66206028

Fax: 0086-512-66206038

Email: nicky@since-china.com 

Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, 215153.

Core Values


● Company Philosophy 

To make a better future. 

● Company Responsibility 

Providing valuable technologies and products for gas industry, to support the continue progress and improvement in the industry. 

● Core Value 

Integrity-based, responsible, practical, unity and innovation. 

● Corporation Vision 

To become the top enterprise in China. 

● Service Principles 

Initiative, fast, professional. 

● Quality Control Policy 

Our company will provide our customers perfect designs and excellent products anywhere and anytime, to meet the contract requirements, guaranteeing reliability and stability, fulfilling our promises, making our products quality to be the top in gas industry through continuous improving, creating and hard-working.

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