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Other Gas Purifier


Product Name: Other Air Purifier/Dryer

Release Date: 2016-09-21

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Product Details

Ammonia purifier/ dryer uses the principle  that the molecular sieve shows different water 

adsorption capacities during different temperatures. By adsorbing moisture in room temperature 

and regenerating in heating, to get the dry ammonia.

Simple operation, compact structure, low energy cost

Continuous monitoring purity, temperature and other specifications, stable to maintain high 

purity ammonia.

Automatic system optional, no workers needed for operation.

Equipped with ammonia cracker, also suitable for other gases pressure swing adsorption 


● Pressure —— ≤20bar (Adjustable)

● Dew Point —— ≤-60℃
● Capacity —— 3~ 500Nm3/hr

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