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Ammonia Cracker


Product Name: Ammonia Cracker

Release Date: 2016-09-21

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Product Details

2NH3 ----- 3H2 + N2

Ammonia cracker's raw material is liquid ammonia, it will produce the mixed air which contains 75% hydrogen gas and 25% nitrogen gas after it is vaporized under catalyst heating and decomposition. And then get 99.999% high purity hydrogen gas via pressure swing adsorption principle.

● Simple, compact structure, relatively lesser space for installation are needed, easy operation.
● Small investment, low consumption, low running cost.
● Widely used, can satisfy most customers hydrogen gas requirements
● Optimized industrial design for key parts, such as furnace stack, furnace tube and heating wire, 3 years quality assurance.

● Ammonia:
● Pressure —— ~0.5bar
● Dew Point —— ≤-10℃
● Standard —— National standard grade A (Please contact sales for more details.)

● Decomposition air:
● Pressure —— ~0.5bar
● Dew Point —— ≤-10℃
● Ammonia Left Content——≤0.1%
● Capacity —— 1~1000Nm3/h
● Note: a. Other ammonia left content and dew point needed, can select our NHP series ammonia 

b. Capacity below 30Nm3/hr will not need the vaporizer.
c. Large capacity ammonia cracker will be recommended to equipped with tanks, will be more 

stable and low consumption.

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