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PSA Oxygen Generator


Product Name: PSA Oxygen Generator

Release Date: 2016-09-21

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Product Details

We take air as raw material and utilize the Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) as absorbent. ZMS 

absorption of nitrogen in air is much larger than its absorption of oxygen under certain pressure, 

thus through programmed on and off process of the automatic pneumatic valves, tower A and B 

will work alternate to achieve pressurized adsorption and depressurize desorption, complete the 

separation of Oxygen and Nitrogen and reach the targeted purity of Oxygen (93%±2).

● Fast operating, provide the required oxygen gas within 15~30 minutes.

Equipment operating automatically, no workers needed in the whole production process.
● Molecular sieves are efficiently filled more compact, resulting in longer life span.
Tailor made the oxygen generator according to customers’ individual project specifications and requirements, with high capacity, pressure and purity ranges. 
Compact construction, advanced high-tech process, safe and reliable, low consumption.

● Oxygen capacity —— 5~1500Nm3/hr

● Purity —— 93%±2

● Pressure —— 0.1~0.2 Mpa (Adjustable)

● Dew Point——≤-40℃ (Adjustable)

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