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VPSA Oxygen Generator


Product Name: VPSA Oxygen Generator

Release Date: 2017-01-09

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Product Details

The main components of the air are nitrogen and oxygen. At normal temperature, the adsorption 

capacity between nitrogen and oxygen in zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS) are different (oxygen 

passes through, and nitrogen is adsorbed), separating oxygen from the air with proper design. 

Nitrogen adsorption capability is higher than oxygen adsorption capacity, When under pressured 

air passing through the adsorption tank filled with ZMS, nitrogen and only a little oxygen are 

adsorbed, most oxygen are flow out the tank, producing oxygen by separating nitrogen and 

oxygen.When ZMS are full of nitrogen, to stop the air and reduce the tank pressure, nitrogen will 

be released by ZMS, so the ZMS will regenerate and reusable. Two or more absorption tanks switch alternatively operation, can continue to produce oxygen gas.

Low consumption cost, compact structure, high level of automation, easy operation.

Fast operating, provide the required nitrogen gas within 5 minutes, convenient downtime, can 

be intermittent operation.

Low work pressure, excellent safety.

Tailor made purity and capacity, good adaptive capacity.

Suitable for purity below 95% in single gas application industry.

● Capacity ——200~5000Nm3/hr
● Purity ——93%~95%
● Pressure ——0.02 Mpa(Adjustable)

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