How to win at poker


How to win at poker

Texas Holdem is one of the oldest and most well known games of poker played today. WSOP winners are raking in millions of dollars worth of winnings in Vegas, just by playing a game such as Texas Holdem poker. Certainly these WSOP winners didn't learn their poker secrets overnight. It took years of practice and dedication to get to the point where they could see consistent wins, time and time again. Online poker presents an exciting opportunity for poker players who want to hone their skills and hopefully make some money playing poker online.

The rules of Texas Holdem are simple. Each player is dealt two cards from a 52 card deck. There are typically six to nine seats in an online poker room, but online poker players have the opportunity to play a one on one poker tourney if they want. There are two positions that must pay money before the cards are dealt. These positions are known as the big blind and the small blind, and all new players to the table must pay the big blind before they can start getting cards. The small blind position is the position just to the left of the dealer. The big blind is directly to the left of the small blind and pays twice the amount of the small blind. Online poker small blind and big blind amounts can range anywhere from $.01/.02 to $25/50 depending on how much the online poker player wants to risk. The amount of the small and big blind typically determines how much the average pot size will be. The larger the blinds, the more money people will be willing to risk in order to win the blinds. Once the cards are dealt to the players there is a round of betting. After that round of betting is complete three communal cards are laid on the table, called the flop. There is another round of betting. Then one more communal card is laid, called the turn. Another round of betting ensues. Then the final communal card, called the river, is laid. Then the final round of betting completes that hand. Although the rules are simple enough to understand, it's the actual winning part of poker online that players seem to have trouble with.

Using the following poker tip will not only make you a better poker player at the real casinos, but it will allow you to dominate your online poker opponents. The poker tip is to play tight when you initially enter a table. Playing tight means to only go in on a good hand, when you know chances are good you'll end up taking the pot, or winning the money. Typically when you are first dealt your first two cards you only want to play the top ten starting hands, which can be found on any reputable poker website. Once you've won a few pots with top hands you can then start to bluff, because people will remember that you only play the top hands, making them second guess betting against you.
Stay tuned, more poker tips are on the way in the next post. Enjoy the informative videos below:  

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